Supporting the sick and retired priests of Southwark Diocese

Please press ‘PLAY’ to hear a short message from Archbishop Peter Smith.

The priests of our diocese who are sick and no longer in active ministry need and deserve our care and assistance. This site outlines Southwark Diocese’ Clergy Support Fund Campaign and how you can lend your help to those who have spent their lives caring for others.

Whether you have been a Catholic since birth or joined the church in later life, you will probably have memories of priests who are now retired.  You may remember, for example, one who shared the joy of your wedding day with you, helped your family through a difficult time, or one who supported and gave you strength to cope at the time you lost a close relative.

It is a misconception to think that retirement means no longer being a priest or withdrawing from ministry.  Very often it means a less busy lifestyle than in full time parish work.  Our priests have walked alongside us on our journey of faith and are still part of it when they retire.  Many are able to offer a listening ear, some form of pastoral ministry or continue to assist in busy parishes.

The Clergy Support Fund Campaign is an opportunity for us to show our support and to remember our retired priests are still part of our family of the church.  As with relatives in our own families they need support and practical assistance as they face an important new chapter in their lives.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. This has been highlighted in Mass for the last couple of weeks, towards presentations to outline the need.

    Can you provide details of how to donate? I don’t think its necessary to attend a presentation when the need is already apparent.

    1. Dear Mark
      Thank you for your enquiry and interest in supporting the sick and retired clergy of our Diocese. We would prefer to offer the full details of the Campaign to parishioners so that they can make a fully informed decision about supporting the Campaign. However, if you wish to donate, you can download giving forms on the DONATE page of this website.

      Alternatively, please telephone me on 020 7960 2525 and I will arrange to send you an Information Pack complete with giving forms and a Freepost envelope.

      With many thanks and every good wish

      Jo Driver
      Campaign Coordinator

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