Campaign Roll-out Trailer Film

Two films have been produced to support the roll-out of the Campaign. One features priests who have served in the South East and West areas of the Diocese and the other features priests who have served in the Kent area.  The full length films can be seen at all our Parish Presentations but a short trailer version can be viewed here:

Croydon Parish Leaders

The Clergy Support Fund Campaign is a lay-led initiative which is reliant on the goodwill and support of the faithful in each parish. In this five minute film, Parish Lay Leaders reflect on their experience of organising a team and presenting the Campaign in their parishes, as part of the Croydon Pilot Campaign: 

Pilot Campaign Film

This 15 minute film opens with a message to the Catholic Community from Archbishop Peter Smith.

Retired priests from the Croydon area then reflect on their life of service to the Church; the hopes and fears that faced them as they approached retirement and how the Diocese has supported them during this important transition.

In contrast, a former teacher also reflects on the choices that faced her when the time came to retire and the debt of gratitude she believes should now be repaid to those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others.

Message of thanks from Archbishop Peter Smith

Archbishop Peter gives his message of thanks to the faithful of Croydon Deanery, whose participation and generous support ensured that the Pilot Campaign was not only successful but exceeded expectations.

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