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Bequest imageDrawing up a Will is perhaps not the easiest subject to give thought to, but it is the best way to guarantee that the people you love and causes most dear to you are acknowledged and supported well into the future.  Making a Will can offer peace of mind, ensure that your wishes are carried out and will prevent the state from deciding how your assets should be distributed.

Once you have taken care of family and friends, leaving a gift to the Clergy Support Fund Campaign will help us to ensure that our sick and retired priests in Southwark Diocese can enjoy a modest but dignified retirement and that their basic needs are met. Most Roman Catholic priests never earn enough to save for a pension or home, so the Diocese feels it has a duty of care towards them when they retire.

A legacy in favour of the Clergy Support Fund Campaign will help to ensure that our retired priests can live in an adequately heated home and are able to afford everyday amenities once they retire at the age of 75 years. It could also help to make sure that they receive appropriate health care, in many cases enabling them to actively continue contributing to the life and needs of the Diocese, as was the case for Bishop Tripp, whose story you can read below:

bp-tripp-photoBishop Howard Tripp, who was our Chairman for the Croydon Pilot Campaign in 2013 and a familiar face to many Catholics in Southwark, has kindly shared a recent turn of events which clearly illustrates the importance a gift to the Campaign can make to the life of a retired priest.  Click on the link below to read his moving personal story:


Supporting each other through life’s ups and downs is what family is all about.  If you are able to consider leaving a gift in your Will to the Clergy Support Fund Campaign, you will be helping to care for our sick and retired clergy who, as part of the wider Catholic family, have spent their lives caring for and nurturing us.

How to leave a legacy

If the time is right for you to think about making or changing your Will and your would like to help support our sick and retired priests through a gift please take this flyer to your solicitor: you can use the bequest wording to leave a legacy to our sick and retired clergy:formula-of-bequest-csf-campaign

To download a legacy leaflet for more information, please click TDOS_Legacy of Faith

Types of legacy
  • Residuary legacy

Once outstanding debts have been paid, funeral costs covered and gifts made to family and friends, a percentage of the residue may be left to an individual or charity.

  • Pecuniary Legacy

A fixed sum of money which can be index-linked to preserve value.

  • Life Interest / Trust Beneficiary

You may wish to set up a trust to benefit a particular individual. A charity may also be selected as a final beneficiary.

  • Specific Legacy

An item i.e. a piece of jewellery, which may be used or sold by the beneficiary.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is charged on your estate at 40%.but if you leave 10% or more of its net value to charity in your Will, a reduced rate of 36% will apply.

The rules on Inheritance Tax change frequently, but you can access the government’s up to date advice here: https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax

For further information, please contact the Campaign Office on 020 7960 2525.  Thank you.


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