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This section is intended to assist clergy, lay-leaders and parish representatives with their role in the Campaign by providing helpful and appropriate resources and information.
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General Guidance

The Parish Representatives Page offers key information and materials to all parish representatives and is protected by a password which they receiving upon attending training.

The same is true of the Deanery Lay-leader page.  Our Deanery Lay-leaders are here to help support and guide Parish Representatives, but not to conduct Parish Presentations in general.

The Information for Clergy page looks mainly at the structure and strategy behind the Campaign and offers guidance on recruitment of Parish Representatives, since four key skill areas are needed, from Presenting to making tea for guests.

Common to all is the Final Guidance for Parish Reps 2016 and Events Guide, which can be accessed by following this link: CSF Campaign – Fundraising event pack -wb 

The sequence of phases is extremely important to the Campaign’s ability to generate the level of gifts required if we are to reach our target of £4,505 million, so it is important the the parish event is held after all Parish Presentations and the Pack Distribution phase.

For more information on running a successful parish campaign please contact the Campaign Office.




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